FuuUn & Rivals, Ltd. is an independent consulting and project company. Our business ranges from consulting to principal project to investment. We started policy and regulation related consulting for the first time in Japan and we have evolved from this. For this reason, most of our businesses are related to or rooted from policy and regulation issues or entrepreneurship issues. 

Originally we focused on the telecommunications field in Japan. Currently our industry area expanded to many other Japan-related domestic/international administration areas where any country's administration covers: technology to infrastructure to health care to education to national security. 

Our consulting service's clients range from big Japanese/non-Japanese international companies to small Japanese domestic companies. Our principal project's customers are mainly Japanese companies or consumers. The companies, which we invest on, are also usually Japanese companies. 

Please also see our case study.

  1. Policy and regulation related consulting
    1. If your company wants to forward-look and forward-invest to win in the coming new markets, policy and regulation related consulting can fit your strategy completely. We cooperate with you to create the new market where you can enjoy the first-mover's advantage. Our approach to make the new market is through the change of policy and regulation. If your company follows the followers' strategy, our services may not be fully utilized. Or, if your company is facing substantial regulatory enforcement or, moreover, punishment, you also should need suitable advisers who is keen on applicable policy and regulation issues.

  2. Political consulting
    1. Although not prevalent in Japan, in other developed countries political consulting is playing key roles to help politicians and political organizations. With our political consulting services, they can achieve more efficient and effective political activities that can support more democratized environment. We also provide advices about politics to companies in private sector.

  3. Strategic consulting
    1. All companies have possible cases when they need strategic consulting. These general services are usually more important to be provided by reliable and trustful professionals. We are focused on new business development including regional economy vitalization. Strategic consulting often includes company owner/CEO's personal issues and turn-around/strategic alliance arrangements including M&A and fundraising advices.

Principal project
As seen in our dream and ambition, with our business, we always want our activity to contribute to software infrastructure development. But we sometimes realize the limitation of consulting.

The followings are examples of this limitation:
  1. One new business opportunity rooted from regulatory change is clear from regulatory professional's viewpoints, but sometimes no one is pursuing it. 
  2. Our advices in consulting projects are sometimes not executed and then our expected effect to society is limited.
  3. Staggering company cannot pay consulting fees and so its wants us to participate in its turn-around project with full success-based profit/equity sharing.
  4. National/regional administration and sometimes private companies cannot pay market-based fees, but instead they sometimes set up a suitable environment and ask someone to start an applicable new business. In these cases, we ourselves set up a principal project and pursue such new business opportunities.

In this regard, we have tried many principal projects and about ten of them became continuous and sustainable: political consulting, strategic consulting, policy seminar, resort hotel development, retro-game licensing, high-end audio equipment development, new graduate school, agricultural and fishery products trade, shipbuilding technology transfer, etc. Principal projects are sometimes pursued by creating a special purpose company (SPC) or joint venture.

The major current standing projects are as follows:

As a derivative of principal projects, we are doing investment activities mainly to venture companies in seed and first round financing. We are looking for investment target companies aligned with our dream and ambition. As one of the minor shareholders, we support such companies through our consulting and synergy with our principal projects.